Coast Guard Island Security

Please read the below information regarding your visit to Coast Guard Island:

The United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Base Alameda are very proud to host Valor Games Far West 2020 on Coast Guard Island. Coast Guard Island is an active military installation and is home to a variety of commands including the Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander and Defense Force West, District 11 Commander, three National Security Cutters (CGC BERTHOLF, CGC WAESCHE and CGC STRATTON), Maritime Safety and Security Team 91105 and a number of other units. In the 84 years the Coast Guard has occupied the 67 acre Island, it has served in various capacities including operating as a training center from 1942 – 1982. Currently over 2,000 members of Team Coast Guard serve on Coast Guard Island.

For athletes, volunteers, spectators, sponsors, etc, below is important information regarding Coast Guard Island:

  • Everyone must apply for base access at Coast Guard Island. Athletes and volunteers are processed as part of their initial registration. All others must submit to a background check at their own expense using the VGFW approved screening company.
  • All Coast Guard Island visitors (18 and older) are required to possess a valid government issued picture identification card.
  • All vehicles entering Coast Guard Island must pass through security.
  • All vehicles must be prepared to present a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration and current proof of insurance. Having these documents in hand and ready to present to security is highly encouraged.
  • All vehicles on Coast Guard Island are subject to search at any time and must obey all posted signs.
  • While parking is available on Coast Guard Island, carpooling is strongly encouraged to reduce congestion and minimize delays at the front security gate.
  • Parking is free and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Under no circumstances should spaces marked for official use be used.
  • Pedestrian and cycling entry onto Coast Guard Island is also authorized and requires presenting a valid government issued picture identification at the front gate.
  • Service animals are authorized on Coast Guard Island and should be properly identified. Service animals should never be left alone or unattended.