Shopping at the Coast Guard Island Exchange

The Coast Guard Exchange would like to welcome participants and their guests for Valor Games 2018. Under normal circumstances, shopping in the Exchange is a privilege strictly limited to Military personnel, or other authorized patrons, and access is not allowed by the general public.

However, as guests on Coast Guard Island for this important event, you have been granted access to the Exchange, and are authorized to purchase, only in the following categories:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages and food only in quantities deemed for daily consumption
  • Coast Guard logo imprinted, non-uniform apparel
  • Coast Guard logo imprinted gifts or souvenirs.

It is required that all customers, particularly in civilian attire, be asked to provide valid forms of identification when purchasing in the Exchange. Please do not attempt to circumvent our policies by asking a Military patron to use their privileges to purchase items outside of the categories you are allowed during this event. This patron risks permanently losing their shopping privileges in the Exchange, by doing you this favor.

We ask that while we welcome you to shop in the store during this event, our employees are required to enforce company policies regarding Authorized Patrons. They have been informed of the categories you, as guests for this event, are entitled to purchase. Please show them the same respect and courtesy while they do their job, that you would expect as a guest on Coast Guard Island.

Susan Stevens, Store Manager
CGX Alameda